Tools for Brainstorming/Mind-Mapping Ideas

The best mind mapping software

  • Mind mapping is a creative exercise for brainstorming and finding connections. …
  • Coggle (Web)
  • Mindly (macOS, iOS, Android)
  • MindMup (Web)
  • MindMup is an easy-to-use mind mapping app—and you don’t even need an account to get started.
  • MindMeister (Web, iOS, Android)

What tool can be used in mind mapping?

The Best Mind Mapping Software Summary

3 Microsoft Visio Best mind mapping software for Microsoft users
4 MindGenius Best simple mind mapping software
5 SmartDraw Best for mind mapping templates
6 Lucidchart Best mind mapping software for scaling organizations

How do I make a brainstorm mind map?

How to make a mind map

  1. Start in the Middle With a Central Idea. This can be a word or an image/picture that represents the central topic you’re going to map.
  2. Create Branches to Represent Sub-topics. These should be limited to words or short phrases. …
  3. Add Details to Your Mind Map. …
  4. Make Connections.

What is mind mapping in brainstorming?

Concept mapping is a brainstorming technique that lets you visualize concepts and ideas. Also known as “mind mapping”, this technique starts with a research question or main idea, then adds branches with synonyms, related topic, keywords, and examples.

What is the easiest mind mapping tool?

Canva. Canva is a web-based graphic design app that makes it easy to create mind maps. Equipped with ready-to-use templates and toolset, you can use this app for educational presentations, business pitches, corporate proposals, and project planning.

Does Microsoft have a mind mapping tool?

Mind Maps Pro is the most intuitive mind map app, made exclusively for the Microsoft Store. — The Mind Maps Pro team can support your deployment. See our Enterprise page for more detail.

What 3 things must a mind map have?

Come up with three to five+ main ideas, then evenly space them in a circular formation around the mind map topic. Draw a line from the mind map topic to each main idea. Brainstorm supporting details such as ideas, tasks, and questions for each main idea.

What is mind mapping examples?

A mind map is a type of graphic organizer that uses a diagram to visually organize ideas and concepts. The central idea or concept is placed in the center of the diagram, and then related ideas are added to it in a radial fashion. Mind maps are used to help structure information to gain a better understanding.

What is the first item entered in a mind map?

The central idea is the starting point of your Mind Map and represents the topic you are going to explore. This should be in the center of your page and can include an image or colour that fits with your Mind Map’s topic. This draws attention and triggers associations, as our brains respond better to visual stimuli.

How do you effectively use a mind map?

How to Use Mind Maps Effectively

  1. Use Single Words or Uncomplicated Phrases – Keep things simple. …
  2. Print Words – They will be easier to read than joined-up or indistinct writing.
  3. Use Color to Separate Different Ideas – Color can help to show the organization of the subject.

Why is a mind map a very useful tool for learning?

Because they encourage the brain to make associations between different keywords, phrases and images, they can be used by students to brainstorm ideas for creative projects (either alone or within a group), as well as help them to plan and structure work such as essays, reports and presentations.

How do you create a mind map?

  1. Begin with the main concept. First determine the main purpose of your mind map and write it down. …
  2. Add branches to the main concept. Now that you have determined the main purpose of your mind map, add branches that will outline the most basic subtopics. …
  3. Explore topics by adding more branches. …
  4. Add images and colors.
  5. How do students create a mind map?

    To create a mind map, add a single topic to the center of your map. With the main idea at the center, it’s easy to see and understand the purpose of the map. From the main idea, add related ideas and keywords as new topic bubbles.

    How do you create a mind map in Powerpoint?

    Central idea

    1. Open your PPT presentation and add a new slide. Here you’ll create the mind map. …
    2. In the toolbar, click on Insert. In the Text section, click on Text Box.
    3. Click and drag to add the box. …
    4. Write the concept and edit the format of your text using the Font tools.

    How do you do a mind map on Excel?

    Option #2: Create a mind map in Excel using either the shape library or SmartArt

    1. In your Excel workbook, go to Insert > Illustrations > Shapes. A drop-down menu will appear.
    2. Use the shape menu to add shapes and lines to make your mind map.
    3. Double-click the shape to add or edit text.
    4. Save your spreadsheet.

    Is there a mind map template on PowerPoint?

    The best source for mindmap PowerPoint templates is Envato Elements. It’s an all-you-can-download library for creatives. Envato Elements gives you unlimited access to mindmap PowerPoint designs and so much more.

    How do you do a mind map on a laptop?

    Simply follow the steps below.

    1. Enable Microsoft Word and open the document that you want to insert a mind map.
    2. Go to select Insert > SmartArt and choose Horizontal Multi-Level Hierarchy in the Hierarchy or another suitable graphic in the Relationship.

    Is there a mind map template on Word?

    Open a Blank Mind Map Drawing Page/Choose a Built-in Template. On the File menu, click New. Select Mind Map in Template Categories list and then choose a template.

    How do you make a mind map on Google Docs?

    Option #2: Use Google Docs to manually make a concept map

    1. Open a new Google Doc.
    2. Go to Insert > Drawing.
    3. Use the shape icon to add shapes and the lines icon to connect them.
    4. Double-click the shape to add text.
    5. Click “Save & Close.”
    6. Double-click your drawing to return to the editor and make changes.
    7. Voila!

    Is Bubbl us free? offers a Free version that allows you to keep up to 3 mind maps.

    What is the best mind map app?

    8 Best Mind Mapping Apps for Students

    • Mindomo (mind mapping) (Android, iPhone, iPad) …
    • MindMeister. (Android, iPhone, iPad) …
    • SimpleMind for iPad (mind mapping) (iPhone, iPad) …
    • FreeMind. (iPhone, iPad) …
    • Mindly (mind mapping) (Android, iPhone, iPad) …
    • XMind: Mind Map. (Android, iPhone, iPad) …
    • Coggle. …
    • Lucidchart.

    How do you make a bubble map on Google Slides?

    1. How to Create A Bubble Map on Google Docs

    1. Step 1: Open Google docs.
    2. Step 2: Add the Test Box.
    3. Step 3: Edit the Shape.
    4. Step 4: Choose the Background Color.
    5. Step 5: Connect Texts with the Line.
    6. Step 6: Save and Share.
    7. Step 1: Select Bubble Map Template.
    8. Step 2: Customize Your Bubble Map.