Printing From Indesign

Print from within the Pages panel

  1. In the Page panel, make any one of the following selections: Select a single page. …
  2. Right-click on the selection and choose Print Page or Print Spread (depending on your selection). Or choose the Print Page or Print Spread from the Pages panel flyout menu. …
  3. Click Print.

How do you prepare an InDesign File for printing?

Choose File > Export. Type in a name and choose the location for the final exported file. If you want the PDF to have the same file name as the document, select “Use InDesign Document Name as the Output Filename.” Under “Save As Type,” (if you’re using Windows) or “Format” (on Mac OS), select Adobe PDF (Print).

How do I print high quality in InDesign?

Go to File pull down menu and select “Adobe PDF Presets” to open the Export palette in InDesign. An additional side menu will open, select “High Quality Print” from the menu.

How do I make a PDF print ready in InDesign?

Creating print-ready pdfs Adobe InDesign CC

  1. File > Export. Set format to Adobe PDF. Click Save (img. A)
  2. Start with the High Quality Print Adobe PDF preset. Make sure you settings match the screen shots that follow (img. B-D) The last four tabs can be left with default settings.
  3. Click Export (img. D)

Is it better to print from InDesign or PDF?

With native files there are a lot of variables, which is why Print to PDF is recommended if you are at all concerned with print quality.

How do I convert an InDesign File to CMYK?

Look at the Color panel. If it is not in CMYK format, right-click the image. Click “Graphics,” then “Edit Original.” The image will open in your default graphics software. Change the image to CMYK and save the image.

Is CMYK better for printing?

Fundamentally, RGB is best for websites and digital communications, while CMYK is better for print materials. Most design fields recognize RGB as the primary colors, while CMYK is a subtractive model of color.

Is InDesign always CMYK?

Is Your InDesign CMYK? InDesign supports both color modes and it depends on the type of your projects which mode the program will choose. In case you chose the Web/Mobile category, your file will be in RGB mode. On the other hand, if you selected the Print category, your file will be in CMYK mode.

Does InDesign automatically convert to CMYK?

The vast majority of InDesign users should be importing RGB images into InDesign, and then exporting CMYK PDF files to send to a printer. If you choose the PDF/X-1a pdf preset, for example, that will automatically convert all RGB images to CMYK.

How do I know if my InDesign file is CMYK?

One easy way to check the color mode in InDesign is to use the Color panel. Navigate to Window > Color > Color to bring up the Color panel if it is not already open. You will see colors measured in individual percentages of CMYK or RGB, depending on your document’s color mode.

Do I need to convert RGB to CMYK for printing?

RGB colours may look good on screen but they will need converting to CMYK for printing. This applies to any colours used in the artwork and to the imported images and files. If you are supplying artwork as a high resolution, press ready PDF then this conversion can be done when creating the PDF.

How do I convert InDesign to RGB?

Fortunately, InDesign makes it easy: Choose File > Export, then choose JPEG from the Format pop-up menu. When you export in the JPEG format, InDesign always converts all your colors (including CMYK and spot colors) to RGB.

Where is RGB in InDesign?

1 Correct answer

Press Alt+E+B and choose Document RGB.

How does CMYK work in InDesign?

InDesign CC 2019:

  1. Launch inDesign and create a new document.
  2. If you choose Print in the new document box, the color mode is automatically set to CMYK. If you choose Web or Mobile, the color mode automatically sets to RGB. …
  3. To change the document type after creating a new file, go to file-document setup.

How do I change the color in InDesign?

Click Color Management on the left side of the Print dialog box. Under Print, select Document. For Color Handling, choose Let InDesign Determine Colors.

What’s the difference between RGB and CMYK?

RGB refers to the primary colors of light, Red, Green and Blue, that are used in monitors, television screens, digital cameras and scanners. CMYK refers to the primary colors of pigment: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black.

Why is K used for black?

The black is referred to as K denoting key, a shorthand for the printing term key plate. This plate impresses the artistic detail of an image, usually in black ink. CMYK is a color mixing system that depends on chemical pigments to achieve the desired hues.

Why does CMYK look washed out?

RGB’s additive colour process means it produces colours and brightness that CMYK just can’t reproduce. So if you’ve chosen a colour that isn’t in the range CMYK can print, unfortunately, this means it will come out much duller than what you see on screen.

What happens if I print in RGB?

Saving a file as RGB for print can sometimes impact on the way certain colours are printed meaning you won’t get the finish you are after. Most printers will convert your RGB file to CMYK but it can result in some colours appearing washed out so it is best to have your file saved as CMYK beforehand.

What’s a good dpi for printing?

300 dpi

High Resolution Images (Recommended Resolution for Printing)
For printing, the recommended resolution for all images and art files is 300 dpi. The offset press cannot accurately reproduce resolutions above 300, so it is the industry standard.

What color is best for printing?


When designing for a printed format, the best color profile to use is CMYK, which uses the base colors of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (or Black).