Optimizing pdf, all parameters remain same but why part of text became wiggly / wavy?

Why is my text not displayed correctly in PDF?

When your PDF reports contain texts that do not stretch properly (i.e. are truncated or leave some space unused), or have improper line spacing, the probable cause is that the Java/AWT and PDF fonts used for the report text elements do not match.

How do I fix PDF garbled?


  1. Open the PDF in Acrobat.
  2. Go to Tools>Edit > Scanned Documents >Settings.
  3. In the Scanned Document Editing Settings dialog box, deselect the Use available system font option.
  4. Click OK.

Why does my PDF have a different font?

Fonts used by the document were properly embedded and used when displaying the PDF files with Adobe Acrobat or Reader. The fonts didn’t otherwise need to be installed on the recipient system.

How to Optimize a PDF for web?

Choose File > Save As Other > Optimized PDF, or Go to Tools > Optimize PDF, and then click Advanced Optimization. The PDF Optimizer dialog box opens.

How do I fix text on a PDF?

Edit text – change, replace, or delete text

  1. Choose Tools > Edit PDF > Edit . The dotted outlines identify the text and images you can edit.
  2. Select the text you want to edit. …
  3. Edit the text by doing one of the following: …
  4. Click outside the selection to deselect it and start over.

Why is my PDF garbled?

The reason for this can be that the document was produced incorrectly. Another common reason is that the character mapping information was deliberately obfuscated as a protection mechanism to prevent the reader to “copy & paste” the text data.

How do I increase the quality of text in a PDF?

Choose Tools > Scan & OCR > Enhance > Scanned Document. Select options in the Secondary toolbar – click the Settings icon and choose appropriate options in the Enhance Scanned PDF dialog box, and click OK.

What is garbled text?

adjective. A garbled message or report contains confused or wrong details, often because it is spoken by someone who is nervous or in a hurry. The Coastguard needs to decipher garbled messages in a few minutes.

Why does my PDF have strange characters?

If you are trying to review a PDF document and it is not legible (strange characters instead of letters), we may need to review the formatting to create the document/report. However, many times this issue is related to the PDF reader being used to open the document.

Why is my PDF document printing with symbols?

It sounds like its a problem when the fonts are sent to your printer. In the Acrobat print dialogue box, select the ‘advanced’ button, then select ‘Postscript’ from the left hand side, then change the ‘Font and resource policy’ to ‘send at start’.

How do I fix corrupted character encoding?

Go to “File” -> “Options” -> “Advanced” and scroll down until the “General” section is reached. In the “General” section, check the box that says “Confirm file format conversion on open.” Exit Word, and reopen the corrupt document again. The dialogue box will appear.

When I print to Adobe PDF strange symbols appear in the document?

What worked for me was:

  • Select Print.
  • In the print dialog box, select Adobe PDF and then Preferences.
  • In the Printing Preferences dialog box the tab should be Adobe PDF Settings.
  • Uncheck the box next to Rely on system fonts only; do not use document fonts.
  • Select OK.

Why do pdfs print gibberish?

2 Answers. It is possible that the problem is caused by a corrupt font. Open up the preferences for Reader or Acrobat and select the “Page Display” category. In the “Rendering” settings, you should find a “Use local fonts” checkbox.

Why are my documents printing symbols?

If your printer is spitting out pages full of strange characters, symbols, or strange formatting, your inkjet printer drivers may be outdated, incompatible with your operating system or corrupt. Drivers are important to the proper function of your inkjet printer and it is best to check for updates regularly.

How do I remove square boxes from a PDF?

To do so, in Adobe Acrobat, go to Tools, followed by Content Editing to select the Edit Text and Images option. From there, highlight and select the individual crop marks you want to remove. Once they are selected in their own highlighted box, hit delete to remove them, and save the revised PDF.

How do I delete a text box in Adobe Acrobat?

To delete a text box, right-click and select Delete.

What are bounding boxes in PDF?

A rectangular border around an image, shape, or text that you can drag to move, transform, rotate, or scale.

How do I uncheck a checkbox in PDF?

Place your cursor over the box in which you wish to place a check. When the cursor changes from the hand tool to the hand pointer, click your left mouse button to select (check) the box. To undo the selection, left-click your mouse button and the check mark will be removed.

How do I uncheck a checkbox in Adobe?

Deleting Check Boxes

  1. From the Forms menu, select Add or Edit Fields… The Forms toolbar appears.
  2. Select the check box you wish to delete.
  3. Press [Delete]. OR. From the Edit menu, select Delete. The check box is removed.

How do you unselect a checkbox?

Once the checkbox is selected, we are calling prop() function as prop( “checked”, true ) to check the checkbox and prop( “checked”, false ) to uncheck the checkbox.

How do you check the checkbox is checked or not?

Input Checkbox checked Property

  1. Set the checked state of a checkbox: function check() { document. …
  2. Find out if a checkbox is checked or not: getElementById(“myCheck”). checked;
  3. Use a checkbox to convert text in an input field to uppercase: getElementById(“fname”). …
  4. Several checkboxes in a form: var coffee = document.

How do I uncheck a box in PDF Mac?

Ctrl+Z will uncheck the box or radio button and then, you can go on your way.