Indesign – Paste Inline Image Resized to Frame Width

How do you maintain proportionally sized photos in frames in InDesign?

Select the frame with the Selection tool, and then select Auto Fit in the Frame Fitting section. Now you can resize both the frame and artwork proportionally to suit your design. You can also resize just the frame—whether empty or filled with art. Select it with the Selection tool, and drag any frame handle to resize.

How do you resize an image and frame at the same time in InDesign?

Select either tool from the middle of the Tools panel, click on the graphic frame (with the black arrow key) to select it, and begin dragging a handle; both the frame and the image will scale simultaneously without the need to press the Command key.

When resizing a picture in InDesign to keep it from distorting?

Ctrl & Shift

The reason this is two keys is that if you just hold down the Ctrl key Adobe InDesign will stick the image and the frame together but when you drag you will notice that the image will be going out of proportion and stretching, by holding the Shift key it keepa everything in proportion.

How do I turn off auto fit in InDesign?

Go to Preferences > General, and at the bottom of the dialog box, make sure that “Make Content-Aware Fit the default frame fitting option” is unchecked.

When an image is too large or too small for a frame How might an InDesign user size the image to fill the frame?

To resize proportionally, Shift-drag a corner handle of the frame. Drag Pour-over. jpg into the leftmost frame, and fit it to its frame. With overset text (the frame is too small for the text), you can double-click any handle, and the frame automatically expands.

How do you scale proportionally in InDesign 2022?

To scale proportionally, hold down Shift as you drag the Scale tool. For finer control, start dragging farther from the object’s reference point. Note: You can also scale by using the Free Transform tool.

How do you proportionally resize an image in Indesign 2021?

If you want to resize an object and its frame, you want to select the Cmd+Shift keys to size them proportionately.

What is the shortcut to fill frame proportionally in Indesign?

Click on the graphics frame again with the Direct Selection tool to select it, use the keyboard shortcut sequence Command-Option-Shift-E (PC: Control-Alt-Shift-E) to Fit Content (the image) Proportionally in the graphics frame. This is one shortcut you’ll use a lot.