Illustrator: Crop everything outside of rectangle

Put the clipping path on the top layer of the stack order, and then move it over the artboard. Select the clipping path and the object you wish to mask and click “Object” followed by “Clipping Mask” and “Make.” All objects outside of the clipping path will now be obscured, although they are still technically there.

How do you crop outside a shape in Illustrator?
Okay so we'll take this this graphic here i'll press shift shift and select the blue object make sure that the blue object is on top we'll go object clipping mask make.

How do you hide everything outside a shape in Illustrator?

Click on the “Select” menu. Click “Select All” or “Select all on Active Artboard.” Click on the “Object” menu. Hover over “Clipping Mask” and select “Make.” Everything outside the rectangle will be hidden; however, the information is still available if you release the clipping mask.

How do I crop outside the artboard in Illustrator?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Select The Image You Want to Crop And Click on The Artboard Icon. This time, we will crop the image with an Artboard. …
  2. Export The Crop as Its Own Image. With the cropping artboard selected, click on File > Export As and in the dialog box, select that you only want to use the Artboard for the crop.

How do I freely crop in Illustrator?

Crop Tool

Step 1: Place an image in your Illustrator document. Step 2: Click on the image. You will see a Crop Image option in Quick Actions under the Properties panel. Step 3: Click the Crop Image option.

How do I get rid of the border around a rectangle in Illustrator?

Remove a page border

  1. Click on the border to select it. If you can’t select the border, it’s probably on a master page. …
  2. Press DELETE. Note: If you’ve selected an object that you did not want to remove, simply press CTRL+Z to undo the removal.

How do I delete everything outside my Clipping Mask?

You can draw a path on top of all objects/layers (a rectangle, a circle or any other path). That path defines the crop area. You can then select all, take the Shape Builder tool and Alt drag or Alt-Shift drag across the unwanted paths to remove the parts outside the crop area.

How do you delete outside of selection in Illustrator?

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Press SHift + D and then SHift + D again, which brings you in Draw inside mode. Paste in Place.

How do you delete outside clipping mask in Illustrator?
And let's have a look at it in the layers palette because that's going to be critical. So this is the one we're looking at here it's a clipping group it's got a clipping path. And it's got a group of

How do I permanently crop a clipping mask in Illustrator?

Select Object > Flatten Transparency. Set the Raster/Vector Balance to 100 (Raster). Click ‘OK’. The image will be permanently cropped to the smallest rectangle that will enclose the clipping mask.

How do you make a clipping mask permanent?

Double-clicking into the object or mask will let you continue editing your art in isolation. If the clipping mask is going to be permanent and you want to remove all the unseen paths, open up the Pathfinder and click the Crop icon — the mask will be destructively applied to the art.

How do you finalize a clipping mask?

2 Answers

  1. Select the image with the mask.
  2. Choose Object > Expand Appearance if Expand Appearance is available.
  3. Choose Object > Expand.
  4. Click the Crop button on the Pathfinder Panel.

Why is my clipping mask not working?

Why is the clipping mask in Illustrator not working? Keep in mind that a clipping path must be a vector. For example, If you want to add an image in the text background, you must outline the text first and then make a clipping mask.

What is the shortcut to release clipping mask in Illustrator?

Control-7 is the default shortcut for making a clipping mask in Illustrator for the Windows OS. You don’t have to set it up since it is already there.

Why is create clipping mask greyed out?

It’s greyed out because your layer doesn’t currently have a mask, so there is nothing to enable. To create a new layer mask, select your layer and click the Layer Mask icon in at the bottom of the Layers panel. You’re welcome.

What is a clipping path in Illustrator?

Basically, a clipping mask is an object within Illustrator that uses a shape’s properties to mask areas of your design. The only visible areas of a clipping mask are what’s within the mask’s shape. A clipping mask and any objects within a mask are referred to as a clipping set.

Can you do a clipping mask in Illustrator?

A clipping mask can be made in a few different ways: Drop down Menu: Object > Clipping Mask > Make. Shortcut Key: Command > 7. Layer Panel: Make/Release Clipping Mask icon at the bottom.

How do you mask a shape in Illustrator?

Mask the content

Select the vector shape and the content to be masked. Choose Object > Clipping Mask > Make.

How do you use Powerclip in Illustrator?

Popular Answer

  1. Place your Image in Adobe Illustrator From File Menu.
  2. Draw Circle above the Image.
  3. Select Both Circle and Image.
  4. Pres CTR + 7 For Clipping Mask.

How do I make a clipping mask in Illustrator IPAD?

Right-click the selection. Select “Make Clipping Mask” from the menu. Alternatively, you can navigate to “Object”-> “Clipping Mask”-> “Make.”

How do you use clipping mask in procreate?

Turn any layer into a Clipping Mask from the Layer Options menu. Tap your Primary layer to invoke the Layer Options menu, then tap Clipping Mask. The selected layer will become a Clipping Mask, clipped to the layer below.

How do you mask on Photoshop?

Create a layer mask

  1. Select a layer in the Layers panel.
  2. Click the Add layer mask button at the bottom of the Layers panel. A white layer mask thumbnail appears on the selected layer, revealing everything on the selected layer.

How do I mask an image?

Quick steps for creating a clipping mask:

  1. Select a text or graphic layer to fill with an image.
  2. Click Fill with image on the tool palette & choose an image.
  3. Select Edit image fill on the Text Tools panel.
  4. Adjust the image behind your text or shapes, then click Done.

What is the difference between a layer mask and a clipping mask?

Generally speaking, layer masks provide more control over a single layer’s pixels. Clipping masks are used to hide areas of a layer based on pre-made selections or paths. Yes they’re similar and both helpful but they also get used in various ways.

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