How to make a wavy surface in Inkscape?

How do I make a wave in Inkscape?
Key go a couple of squares on the grid to the right click. And pull forward at an angle. Down when the not handle touches one of the lines below which who may use a sky for the trough.

How do I make wavy lines in Inkscape?

Select the object, then go to Path > Path Effects. Once the path effects menu open, click the plus icon (+) on the menu to add a new path effect. Then, from the list of path effects, choose Lattice Deformation and click Add to apply it.

How do you warp objects in Inkscape?
I'm going to place my mouse by the lower line. And when I see the cursor change to a hand I click my mouse button keep it down and push up on the bottom line to make it curve upward.

Can you curve an image in Inkscape?

Click on the ‘Edit on-canvas’ button to get a green bezier-curve that you can manipulate to bend your path into the desired shape.

How do I create a waving flag in Inkscape?
Hold ctrl on the keyboard. And click and drag this copy down to about here until the space between those two lines represents a good height.