How to auto delete a space left after a data merge in InDesign?

How do you get rid of extra spaces in InDesign?

Adobe InDesign: Removing Unwanted Spaces, Fast!

  1. Place all your files into the InDesign document. …
  2. Choose Type > Show Hidden Characters so that you can see the non-printing characters.
  3. Chose Edit > Find/Change.

How do I delete blank lines in data merge in InDesign?

Fortunately, there’s a simple fix: Before you generate the merge, select Content Placement Options from the Data Merge panel menu and turn on the Remove Blank Lines for Empty Fields checkbox.

How do I remove spaces between words in InDesign?

Adjust kerning between words

With the Type tool , select a range of text and do one of the following: To add space between selected words, press Alt+Ctrl+\ (Windows) or Option+Command+\ (Mac OS). To remove space between selected words, press Alt+Ctrl+Backspace (Windows) or Option+Command+Delete (Mac OS).

How do I delete a rule in InDesign?

Remove a paragraph rule

  1. Using the Type tool , click in the paragraph containing the paragraph rule.
  2. Choose Paragraph Rules from the Paragraph panel menu or Control panel menu.
  3. Deselect Rule On and click OK.

How do I remove spaces in Adobe?

Remove white margins

  1. Choose Tools > Print Production. The Print Production toolset is displayed in the right hand pane.
  2. Click Set Page Boxes. …
  3. Under Margin Controls, select Remove White Margins.
  4. To remove white margins from additional pages, set the page range or click All under Page Range.

How do I get rid of paragraph spacing in InDesign?

Workaround: Use Vertical Justification and Paragraph Spacing Limit

  1. With the Selection tool, select the text frame.
  2. Choose Object > Text Frame Options to display the Text Frame Options dialog box.
  3. Click the General tab. …
  4. Next set Paragraph Spacing Limit to a large number. …
  5. Click OK.

What is the Gap tool in InDesign?

The Gap tool provides a quick way to adjust the size of a gap between two or more objects. It also lets you resize several objects that have commonly aligned edges simultaneously, while keeping the gaps between them fixed. It’s a one-step way to adjust your layout by directly manipulating the space between objects.

Where is Gap tool in InDesign?

The Gap tools is found near the top of the InDesign tools panel and is the small icon with two arrows pointing out in opposite directions. In order to make use of the tool you first need some gaps to adjust, so start by laying out a grid of frames on the page.

How do you Gridify in InDesign?

Gridify is a hidden feature of InDesign. I say hidden because it doesn’t have a tool or even a menu item. To invoke Gridify, use the arrow keys while dragging out shapes or frames. Placing multiple images using the Gridify feature.