Changing symbol’s instance

To exchange a symbol instance’s definition with another:

  1. Select the existing symbol instance.
  2. In the Object Info palette, click Replace.
  3. Click the symbol selector. …
  4. Select Replace Class to assign the replacement symbol’s class to the replaced symbol; deselect it to retain the original class of the replaced symbol.

How do I edit Webflow instances?

Quote from Youtube video:
We can go in by double-clicking a symbol symbols are indicated in green and. We can edit by double-clicking. And when we're editing you'll see other stuff on the page sort of fade out a bit.

How do I unlink an instance in Webflow?

Unlink a Symbol

  1. Right-click the Symbol label.
  2. Choose unlink from Symbol.
  3. Or (if the element is hard to select) right-click the element in the Navigator.

How do I change Symbols?

Edit a symbol in symbol-editing mode

  1. Double-click the symbol’s icon in the Library panel.
  2. Select an instance of the symbol on the Stage, and right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh), and select Edit from the context menu.
  3. Select an instance of the symbol on the Stage and select Edit > Edit Symbols.

What is a symbol instance?

A symbol is a reusable object, and an instance is an occurrence of a symbol on the Stage. Repeatedly using instances does not increase the file size and is a good part of a strategy for keeping a document file size small.

Can you duplicate symbols in Webflow?

in the designer (page) select a symbol. cmd+c cmd+v. shift+cmd+a (unlinks the symbol) shift+cmd+a again (create a new symbol)

How do I add icons to Webflow?

Adding icons to webflow!

  1. drop in a div.
  2. give it a class.
  3. set to inline-block.
  4. give it width/height of 5px.
  5. give it appropriate margins.
  6. set border-radius to 50%
  7. give it background color.
  8. copy and paste to other locations.

How do I make my own symbol?

Quote from Youtube video:
Editor is located inside of aeris architect. Under eris symbol editor isn't that convenient. So the first thing you're going to need to do is create a dot amf heiress meta file for a symbol.