Arabic text fields from old projects still give divided words in After Effects

How fix Arabic text in After Effects?

There are a few ways to type in a right-to-left language in After Effects.

  1. Use AEJuice Edit panel. Enter your text. …
  2. Turn on South Asian and Middle Eastern setting. IMPORTANT! …
  3. Use online service. If you have an older After Effects you can use an online service to convert the text for use in After Effects.

Does After Effects support Arabic?

Today’s update to After Effects (version 14.2) includes native support for RTL text like Hebrew and Arabic.

How do I copy and paste Arabic text in After Effects?

How to use:

  1. open GI-Arabic NOW and write your arabic text.
  2. adjust the font family and font size as you like.
  3. when done, hit the button copy نسخ and go to Ae.
  4. hit paste, you will see that pasted words are different but don’t worry you will see.

How do you manipulate text in After Effects?

Enter text characters by typing. Press Enter on the main keyboard (Windows) or Return (Mac OS) to begin a new line. Note: You can also choose Edit > Paste to paste text that you have copied from any application that uses Unicode characters.

How do I write Arabic in Adobe animation?
صور سواء الاسلام على اليوم في الدور ان شاء الله احنا تعلم تصميم على مثال واللي هو تصميم بنر.